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We are triyng to import a project made on SimaPro into OpenLCA 1.7. We have tried both exporting the project in csv and ecospold1, using different way to import them (with and without the format converter), but every times we have experienced problems.
The best result (seems) is obtained exporting from SimaPro the project in ES1, then we have used the format converter to transform it in ILCD. When we import in olca this file (zipped) we can see the proccess full of the correct in/out and also the elementary flows and all the others flows complete (it is a system process).

But, when we try to calculate the impact, using both the ILCD provided by ecoinvent and also olca, the resulting impact is 0 for all of the categories. We have checked that there is a mismatching in the UUID of the elementary flows: for the same flux name the UUID is different from the one in impact method and the one in the imported process. This difference seems to prevent the calculation.

The database used in SimaPro is the ecoinvent 3.3, while in OpenLCA we have tried to import the project using a complete reference data and also empty database.

So, we are asking which is the correct way to import a project into OpenLCA from SimaPro or, more in general, how to solve this problem.

Thank you very much
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Hi, SimaPro is somewhat peculiar, and the answer depends on the specific model (with LC stages in SimaPro or not, for example?). The best option is the SimaPro csv format which you can import into openLCA. Typically, you will need to apply a mapping afterwards. With EcoSpold 1, you lose all parameters for example.