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Since the last updates I have not been able to perform calculations using scripts in Java or in Python/Jython.

I seem to be having trouble defining the NativeLibs and properly creating the solver.

Here is the script I am using:


If I use a DenseSolver(), I do not get eny result and the eclipse console does not even show any error, just ends the running w/o any message.

If I use a Julia() solver, I receive the following error:

Am I making a mistake with the declaration of the native libraires?

If so, what exactly should I write in the NativeLibrary.LoadfromDir()

Thanks, FP

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I managed to understand how the new Julia libraries work and found a solution.

Would it be possible to leave the question accesible in case anyone has a similar issue?
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hi, i was wondering witch jdk you're using to perform your calculations? Java 11 seems ko for me