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Hi folks,

I am trying to add new flows whilst working with the process step. there I see only the elementary flows only, nothing else. I don't know why the database isn't reloading all the flows. 

kindly apprise pertaining to this. The image below is attached for reference. 


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You see only elementary flows since you imported only the ecoinvent LCIA methods; you should start from an inventory database (or, do everything from scratch yourself). The ecoinvent LCIA methods fit only to the ecoinvent database, so if you start from a different database you also need a different LCIA method package.
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Thank you for your comment.

I am still unclear and yes I am new to this software. I am using ecoinvent database, I thought the impact assessment method will load itself in the package with this database. Now I see I will have to separately load that as well. Further, I have added inputs in the processes tab but when I model the graph, the flows doesn't show up in the tree diagram. It shows only the outputs!