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Hello. I created a product system on OpenLCA using ecoinvent database, and  now I would like to generate an EPD. I downloaded the EPD Editor, imported data by ILCD but I don't understand how to segment the values of my product system into stages A1, A2, ...  I read documentation on Okobaudat but can't find an answer to my questions.

Can someone help me ? Thank you :)
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Hi Marie,

I see, you will need to create a product system for each life cycle stage (so, A1, etc.) in openLCA and then calculate this separately, or you can combine the different product systems in one larger system for the entire life cycle, you can then see the different results in the analysis, and enter them e.g. in excel. This works quite fine, we use this in our projects as well. openLCA 2 will support this somewhat better, with a dedicated EPD object.

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-it is not a collaboration server question though?