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I would like to run a regionalized LCIA of vegetables and fruits with data of ecoinvent for Germany and therefore seek to adjust the amounts of t*km of the transport flows, since as stated in the description, results may be overly underrepresented for Europe. 

  1. I would be grateful for a detailed guidance of how I ideally should adjust transportation modeling at the example of the below inputs of  the market for papaya.
  2. Can I find information on where the data of 0.171 t*km of transport aircraft came from to get a better understanding? I would have assumed, that aircraft transport has the highest amount of t*km, followed by train & then lorry.

For transport ways to Germany, I would use the following inputs:

  • 512: transport aircraft (Brazil - Germany) estimated 10.000 km -> 10t*km vs. 0.1721 t*km (currently in input flow)
  • 492: transport lorry (within Germany) estimated 400km ->0.4t*km
  • 492: transport lorry (within Brazil) estimated 400km -> 0.4t*km

However, the proportion (especially for aircraft) seems soo much higher, that it makes we very insecure of whether this can be correct. 

3. Also, slightly struggling with the unit. If I run the calculation for 1kg of papaya, is it correct to divide the distance in km by 1000 in order to get the amount of t*km? Do I also have to take the biowaste into account and therefore make calculations with 1,12kg?

Thank you!

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