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I changed laptops and transitioned from windows to mac. I want to export my work from my windows OpenLCA app to my mac app.

I did what should be done: Exported the datasets as JSON format into a zip folder. Next, I transferred this zip file to my mac and imported the file into my ecoinvent database that's already downloaded into my openlca. ( Import -> linked data json file, finish). Nothing would change afterwards.

Is there something i'm doing wrong, am I missing a step ?

I appreciate any kind of help.


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From our experience, Apple somehow sometimes messes with zip archives. You could also backup (on old computer) and restore (on the new computer) the entire database. What is exactly not working - you do not get anything imported? That could be, in the JSON format import, if you select "do not overwrite what is already in the database" and you did not create new elements (processes etc.). You can change that to overwrite in the settings of the import, go to the "next" screen in the import dialogue then.

Best wishes, Andreas