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I want to model a Printed-Circuit-Board with several electrical devices on it.
Let's say we have 1 PCB and want to solder 10 resistors to it.
So I would create a new process/flow, which I would name "PCB ASSY".
And in Inputs/Outputs, I would add the amount of 10 "resistors".
But what is their "Unit" ?? I don't find anything that matches to something, like piece, part, device etc.
This is currently the first problem I'm facing as a beginner.
Any hints ? Any YouTube videos where I might see how such a problem can be solved ?
With Chicken Pasta Youtube Videos everything is related to mass or weight, so I can't learn that much to use for a "Printed Circuit Board" with several electrical devices of same type on it.
Any hints/support is appreciated.
Thank you very much in advance.
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You should have "number of items", or "items" e.g. (depending on the database).
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Thank you Andreas. Now it's understood.
It was probably because I tried to use the free Agribalyse database as "base", but which doesn't show me "number of items" or "items" :-)
I've checked it now once again with creating a new database and with this I'm able to choose "Item(s)" for "Unit" with the "Resistor" that I have created as flow.
Ok, still a lot to learn for me :-) Thanks once again.