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So I created a new folder on a network drive, then moved the location of where the database saves by amending the ini file to that network drive. I then copied the "databases" folder from the C:/users folder to that folder on the network drive. Yet when I start openLCA the navigation page is empty. New database will allow me to add a database but an error message pops up saying it already exists. Restore doesn't do anything as I can't find a zolca file in my database.

I need to move the database from my hard-drive as I have very little space left. How do I get openLCA to see the database I've already created?
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Hi Mark,

when you create a new database in openLCA, does it appear on your external drive? And can you work with it normally?

Did you move all your databases or only a selection?

If the connection is not slow, putting databases on a different, also external location works. As a workaround, you could create a backup database from your "old" database (in the old location), which creates the zolca file (using the old / default ini settings), then change the ini to the new location on the external disc, and restore the database there.

Hth, Andreas
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The work around seems to have worked!!! Thanks