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Hello all,

I recently wanted to update to EcoInvent 3.9.1, which i usually do by restoring databases, and then importing the ones i want to be in the same folder (e.g. all cut_off databases seperately, EN15804 seperately, etc.).

When i try to import one database into another, OpenLCA thinks for two seconds (which is way shorter than normally), and closes the task window, and the database has not been imported.

I have the cut_off and cut_off upr seperately, but cant merge. How do i get around this?

Thank you, Matias
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I have the same problem with EcoInvent 3.9.1.

I want to merge 'ecoinvent_391_cutoff_lci' with 'ecoinvent_391_cutoff_upr_regionalized' (I do this by importing the smaller Database in the bigger one.)

It loads for 2 seconds and then the data isn't merged.

I'm glad for some advice on the topic.

Thank you, Simon