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We recently acquired the EN15804 epd creator addition for ecoinvent. We constructed our product system with system processes like always, but got a resounding 0 on all waste categories. When will all waste and inventory from the EPD's be integrated into existing system processes, or EN15804 processes will be made available as system processes?
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Hi Mathias,

The processes in the EN15804 add-on have waste contributions, but of course not all proceses, only those where the flow is a final waste flow. If you make a small system, then you maybe do not have processes with final waste flows. Having system processes is a good suggestion, it is less transparent but if we provide the unit processes in addition users can still check. We are going to release a small update soon, and will also provide the system processes then.

If you want, you can share here why you think you should have waste indicator results (edit your question and add pictures), or send me a direct mail (via nexus). Thank you!
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Hello, i decided to ask in here, for reference.

Do you know when the update will be released? The fix i made with calculating the unit processes into LCI data for use in bigger analysis is working fine, except for when it comes to contribution analysis. Here it shows only one process impact, and that is the total for the product system. It subdivides into processes, when calculating the product system, but not when exporting the results to excel.
This worked much better with the premade System processes.

For this reason i am curious when the update you mentioned will come out.
Thanks in advance.