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I have downloaded the software for mac from the website on my MAC (System macOS Monterey 12.6) , but when I tried to install and open it, it gave me this error: „openLCA“ ist beschädigt und kann nicht geöffnet werden. Es empfiehlt sich, das Objekt in den Papierkorb zu bewegen. 

"openLCA" is damaged and cannot be opened. It is recommended to move the object to the recycle bin.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue ? I tried all other problem solving comments from this web page but it doesn't work...

Thanks for your help

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Hm, maybe simply the download was corrupted?
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I see, more options: Do not download with Safari as it tries to 'support' users already by modifying downloaded files; then, check here: https://ask.openlca.org/4031/cant-open-downloaded-openlca-on-mac. Thank you