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When I launch openCA 2.03, I get the following strange behavior:

  • The openLCA splash screen appears and then flips upside
  • In the menu bar, openLCA's name no longer appears. Instead, where the app name should be I just see "NewApplication".

Is there a known problem? I am hesitant to work with the app given this strange behavior.

Info on my system:

  • Mac M2 Pro 16 in
  • MacOS 14.0 (Sonoma)

I have not used openLCA since upgrading to Sonoma. 


I have since tried reinstalling v2.0.3 and get the same behavior. Then I found my dmg for v2.0.2 and installed that. Things got a little better. The flash screen still flips upside down on launch, but now the name "openLCA" now appears properly in the menu bar. So it seems something is definitely wrong in v2.0.3. 

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If I change language the the name openLCA appears in good way.
All the other problems remain.

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Hello jsheehan303,

Thanks for taking some time to post your observations on the forum. This is helpful!

This kind of issue appears with every new version of macOS. They are often fixed with the new macOS update. If you update your Mac to Sonoma ^14.1, openLCA 2.0.3 should have the correct application name. I hope the splash screen flipping issue will be fixed with a new update or openLCA next release. 



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Thanks for your feedback.