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Dear all,

I was wondering if the uncertainty estimations I have implemented are done correctly. I basically adjusted the uncertainties according to the pedigree matrix and are based on lognormal distributions that were added to all flows in the process. I'm also having trouble finding the right steps to compare two product systems in one Monte Carlo simulation (organic vs conventional product - 1 ton of rice). I managed to compare the product systems separately but not together. Is this possible?


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Hi Monica, did you try the 'project' feature? ... it allows you to compare two (or more) product systems with each other.

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Hi Monica (and Jonas),

Monte Carlo simulation is so far not possible for projects, because it is computationally somewhat heavy. For a comparison of e.g. two products, create a product system that has as central process (that is providing the quantitative reference) product (e.g) conventional rice as input and product organic rice as -input (so, +1kg conv rice, - 1kg organic rice, output and quantitative reference if the process is "something" - doesn't matter, e.g. rice, 1kg)

With this, create a product system and perform a Monte Carlo simulation. If results are mostly negative, conventional rice is better (organic rice has higher impacts), and vice versa.


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Thank you Andreas, I managed to do it now :)