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In the final (1.7.0) version, I seem to have lost the ability to have a split view. I`ve tried all the menus and buttons, and cannot find a way to return to this view. Is this gone now? Are we now only able to have a single shared window with tabs for the navigator and any other open editor views and searches?
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Hm, we did not change this in openLCA 1.7 compared to previous versions. To restore the navigation, just go to Window/Show views/Other, and then again into the folder other, and there is the navigation view. OpenLCA tries to save the last state with which windows, "views" were open, and restore this. Maybe you minimised the window, then it is only a small icon, see my screenshot below.
Your suggestion "sort of" worked. I now have a split screen, but now when I open a process it opens the process in a tab on the same side as the Navigator instead of opening it in the window on the right (see attached screenshot). I can then drag that opened process tab into the window on the right. But I can`t seem to get back the behavior that I had originally.