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Hi all

I am trying to do a global sensitivity analysis/perturbation analysis in OpenLCA, where all parameters need to have their values individually changed 10% to see the impact on the final result. However, this is very tedious work, so I was wondering if it possible to do automatically in OpenLCA in some way? Possibly using Python?
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Hi, interesting question, this would work in Python but another, maybe simpler option could be to make a Monte Carlo simulation, if you specify the +/- 10% as boundaries of a uniform distribution, for these parameters. Only point would be that if you are using as generic database that has already uncertainty information, this could "disturb" your analysis.
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How would this be possible in Python? Do you perhaps have a guide somewhere? Because I fail to see how it would be possible with either Python or using Monte Carlo simulation, as it is a One-At-A-Time (OAT) Perturbation analysis, i.e. only one value should be changed at a time.