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I have built a model in both EcoInvent 3.7 cutoff and consequential LCA. I have also defined uncertainty for all inputs and outputs. The quick results or analysis provides consistent results for midpoint impact categories measured using ReCiPe 2016 from 'oplenLCA LCIA v2.1.3. Monte Carlo simulations run fine in cutoff database and I get sensible results. However, when I run Monte Carlo Simulations in consequential database, I get zeros for all impact categories except, for land use and water consumption. But even for these categories the uncertainty/variability in the data does not propagate to the results. 5th and 95th percentile are same as median.

I have tried solutions suggested to similar questions asked previously on this forum. The problem persists. Does anyone has any clue?


Quick results

MCS with zeros

MCS for water consumption 

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