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It would be a powerful addition to parameterized modeling if some addittional functions were introduced to the current dependent parameter section.

Defining parameters:

Being able to define other dependent parameters using a dependent parameter would be very powerful:

Example: if(ParamSelector == 1; ParamColor = 1 AND ParamShape = 1; 0)

^ notice, I edited the condition for the ParamSelector, to enable "=" operator logic for the action... I also added the "AND", since several parameters can be made or overwritten from one place.


For loops could (combined with the above) eliminate other shortcomings of chacater limits like the issues stated here

swiftly going through a range of indices in a switch parameter could be quite powerful.

Math mode in "calculation setup" in a project:

The scenarios in the the calculation setups can only take float. This vastly reduces efficiency when making complex scenarios. using transparent equations could be nice.  As well as refering to some static parameters...

Example (in the calculation setup, in a value cell for a parameter: amountOfRice /0.9

Those are just some thing I think would improve the already awesome tool! I am interest to know if others share my thoughts! :)

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Thank you! It is maybe more towards coding already (which is possible, in Jython in openLCA directly or in Python via the IPC server), right?
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I agree! However, you lose the wonderful benefits of a UI, which might keep some users from using the software.

In my oppinion, a good UI (like OpenLCA rather than scripts) become increasingly important, the more complex the model gets, as one could tend to get lost without visual (in lack of better words) "assistance". :)