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Ι am using two providers for the same flow e.g. zinc coating, coils. One provider from Eugeos 15804 4.1 and one from Ecoinvent 3.9.1.

I use the EN 15804_A2 Impact assessment method to calculate the results.

I attach a link with a picture showcasing the results https://ibb.co/N9w92JZ. The table on the left is Ecoinvent 3.9.1 and the one the on the right Eugeos.

The output flows, resources and waste indicators are pretty different, focusing on the Ecoinvent 3.9.1 ones that have value zero.

Can anyone please help me to decide which are better to take as credible and more trustworthy?
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Hello Giannis,

The EcoInvent Cutoff database does not include inventory results in accordance with the EN15804 standard. There is a database called EcoInvent 3.9.1 - EN15804 which is in alignment with the standard. This contains the inventory flows, and aligns with the requirements for system boundary.

Hope this helps
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Thanks a lot, Matias and Andreas. I am aware of the new add on for EcoInvent. I just was not sure if this was the solution to the problem.

Well now I know.