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Hi Everyone,

I am modeling diesel burned during site development, using ecoinvent_391. I have the data for the liter of diesel consumed by each piece of equipment and genset for electricity purposes since the site has no water or electricity.

I was thinking which one of the two:
1. diesel, burned in diesel-electric generating set, 10MW - I plan to use this but the output amount is 1.0 MJ so I will just scale it down, right?

2. market for diesel, burned in agricultural machinery - Do you think this will do, for the consumption of equipment? (Piling machine, bulldozer, excavators etc.) however this are not agricultural machineries..

Any suggestion is highly apprecaited. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Matt,

The two options you propose both make a lot of sense. You would effectively have to scale down the output amount of the first one.

Note that the complete combustion of 1L of diesel will emit roughly the same amount of CO2. You can check by having a look at the impact analysis tab of the different processes.