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I have been trying to download ecoinvent database on my laptop and it says it will take 10 days to complete the download and it will eventually cancel a few hours later. Download speed is stuck at around 20 KB/s only. I tried installing openLCA software on another laptop and it's the same. My internet has no problems, only installing anything from the Nexus are the problem. Anyone know how to fix this? I need to install ecoinvent already to get on to my research, please help. Thank you.
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Hi Franz Naval,

I have just checked the download speed, and it was 12Mb/s. Do you still have an issue downloading?

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Sorry for the late reply, the issue was fixed but it recurred a few days ago until now.
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(it is not installing but downloading, right) - strange, we moved Nexus to a different server which on paper is identical to the previous one, but we will check. Thank you for your feedback.
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oh sorry I mistakenly used "install" and "download" synonymously, I meant to say that I can't download things from the server. Thank you.