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I have downloaded the OpenLCA 7.0 version and I am not able to import the LCIA methods database. Indeed, when I try to import the database in another database (ex ELCD), the process window opens but it is still running after quite some time (20min). Is my computer not enough powerful or should I wait longer ?

PS: my computer is on Windows 10, and the processor is Intel Core i5-4210U

Thank you in advance!
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In addition to Andreas answer, you may want to try allocting more memory to your openLCA https://ask.openlca.org/594/how-to-assign-more-memory-to-openlca?show=594#q594

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Hi, importing a zolca file (i.e., a database) into another database, as you do when you add LCIA methods to a database, takes time, since all the references are checked. The time needed does not so much depend on computer power but rather on the disc speed, an SSD is faster than a traditional harddisc. It can take 20 minutes, also depending on the size of the database you are importing into; ELCD is one of the larger databases. Give it some time therefore please. Hth.
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(yes, as said, depends on the disc, normally 15 mins or so for a large target database and the method pack)