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I'm performing a LCA to the catering service of one cup of juice. My question relies mainly on what is the best approach to model the wastes associated to this product.

The process map of the exercise is: 

As wastes, im considering only biowastes associated to the "production" process and the plastic disposal in the "use" process, to keep the exercise fairly simple. In my approach, I considered the wastes as outputs for the process that generates the waste and linked the provider as the method of treatment wast that i want, as you can see in the model graph. 

My question is, Is this the right approach to model the wastes? Or should I try other approaches like:

1) Create separate processes for each waste and select the provider for the desired waste treatment method. (for example, create one process called "Biowaste treatment" and link it to the juice production and make the wastes as inputs)

2) Create one process the end of the chain that includes all the wastes as inputs and providers.

I donĀ“t know if this question is associated with the waste credits of the desired exercise.

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Hi Tiago,

thank you, this is a clear question, and I think your modeling as you show in the model graph is fine. You do not connect a biowaste process though yet, but just add this.

All the best,