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I am an undergraduate student from Australia doing my thesis on "Comparative LCA of Sugarcane Bagasse and Corn Stover for Bioethanol Production". For my subsystem 1 I had good results for Bagasse. However, when I put similar inputs for subsystem 1 for Corn Stover most of the results come as 0. Inputs are same for both, just the numbers are slightly different.

Could you please help me in this regard? 

Mostly were all zero for S1 of Corn Stover but there was one data that I could compare (acidification potential - generic) between Corn Stover and Bagasse. It was a multiplier of 0.84, can I use this factor of multiplication for other corresponding data of Corn Stover, so that I have similar set of data?

Nafis Shahriyar


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Did you 'link providers' when creating your product system? What database and LCIA method did you use?

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