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OpenLCA 1.7.2 - Ecoinvent 3.4:

1) I work on a fast pc and import a Project, comparing 2 Product Systems, from a slower pc.
I add some minor parameters to these Product Systems, even if these new parameters are not used in the Project (no comparison made, employing them). I create the report and obtain some results on this faster pc.
Now, I want to work again on the slower pc where there is an older version of the 2 Product Systems (without the added parameters), so I export the Project in json format to this pc. I see that the added parameters in the Prod. Systems are not present. VALIDATE checks positive.
Here, the results of some imported Projects are all zero. Can someone explain the reason ?

2) Why does the same happen working on the same pc when exporting Projects from the Database "ecoinvent_34_cutoff_unit_20180314" to "ecoinvent_34_cutoff_lci_up_lcia_20180314" ?
(in the second database all the report results of the Projects are zero).
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Hm, there was a very similar question, also from Italy, https://ask.openlca.org/703/wrong-results-of-an-exported-project-between-two-computers; I am not sure I understand

"minor parameters"

- do you mean parameters in the product system? Or in the processes? From the question this is not easy to answer, the exchange works with parameters, we use this also quite broadly, and also others. Maybe we can arrange a webmeeting? Let me know.

Thank you!

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Sorry, I meant: parameters added to two Processes, each of one used separately by each Product System. On the solwer pc I don't see them added to the pre-existing Processes, after the import operation of the Project, developed and calculated on the faster pc.