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Hi everybody,

I am new to LCA modelling, so I am trying to do a pilot study with only open source data. I am trying to model a process system describing the production of some base chemicals using data from the ProBas-Database and the OpenLCA reference flows. However, whenever I create a product system, the reference flows do not show up in the system and also not in the calculations

When trying to find an alternative, I was stopped by the following, related question: How do I link a newly created elementary flow to a LCIA-method in such a way that the method pack knows to pick up that flow in calculations?

Thank you
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To assign a new flow to an impact category of an LCIA method

1) navigate to the LCIA method in the navigation window of openLCA (under impact methods)

2) select the tab impact factors at the bottom

3) select the desired impact category from the drop-down menu and add the flow

... that is it :)

I hope it helps.