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I`m trying to model a simple concrete wall with EPS-insulation and cenmentious plaster.
I am using the GaBi database and found corresponing datasets. See the picture of the graph attached.

When I expand the graph for the plaster, I find a process called "Besam Automatic Revolving Door".
Why do you need a revolving door when producing cementious plaster? (picture also attached)

It could be a bug of the database, but the same probleme occurs in the dataset for the wood fibre insulation board. That` s why I think it`s either my mistake or a bug in the software.

Could you please help me?

Things that did not work:
-deleting the process and selcting the same provider again (revolving door is there again)
- closing/opening openLCA (revolving door is there again)
- creating an other process with any other product (there is no revolving door)
-checkinh the inputs/outputs of the flow (only "chemicals" no door, as it should be)
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Hi Franziska,
first, welcome! For the database, you should use the GaBi database from Nexus which I think you did not do? Then, with GaBi, you should not use the autocomplete option when creating a product system but rather model the connections manually.
Hi Andreas,

thanks for your answer. I think I used the GaBi database from nexus.

To avoid the autocomplete option I have to untick "add connected processes" and "connect with system process if possible" when creating the product system, right?

Afterwards I clicked on the graph and selected "search providers for" and then chose the providers again. Then everything worked out fine. Thanks. Did you think of an other way to get there?

Do I still have to select the provider on the process level if I choose this workaround? Like this I m choosing the provider twice....
Hello Andreas,

I have another question to this topic.

I now did like you told me to do. I built up the chain manualy. Unfortunately that is not working very well. I try to model a timber wall. The beams are made of pine, the facing is made of larch. My process has therefor twice the input "timber 12%moisture". Different providers for pine and larch can be selected on the process level.

Modelling the graph on the product system level, different providers can be chosen. But only one of them can be connected.

So how can I implement both woods to my wall?

Thank you!
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Hi Franziska,
you can enter the product twice and connect each then to a different provider.

- and to your other post, selecting the provider twice: the default provider is used for the autocomplete setting, it is overruled if you select a different provider and connection in the model graph

in my opinion, the easiest way to select a provider is to do this directly in the process, not in the model graph. What do you think?

<ATTACHMENT filename="test.JPG" index="0"><s>[attachment=0]</s>test.JPG<e>[/attachment]</e></ATTACHMENT>
I`m a little bit old-fashioned maybe, but I normally proceed as fro suggests. That way I can check that each process is correct, complete, and connected to the appropriate providers before I move on.