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   I have registered on the Ecoinvent website as a NON-OECD educational to acquire the datasets. But I am confused when I want to import the entire Ecoinvent database, is it a must to apply for the license from the openLCA Nexus again?
    Or, when asked to confirm the order, can I sent the same confirmation that I once used on Ecoinvent website as a substitution? (Although the format is not the same, the included information is much similar).
    Any help will be highly appreciated.
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Hi, well ecoinvent is a different company; of course it is only necessary to apply for a license on Nexus if you want to use the openLCA version of ecoinvent. If you directly register at openLCA Nexus, you also receive the ecoinvent login and license. And the information we request is indeed quite similar.
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Hi was given the login details for accessing the  database after i provided my non oecd proof and it was approved.. I havent seen where i should login on ecoinvent to use the new login details. I still use my old login details to login to nexus. how and where exactly am i supposed to use these new login provided details because i tried them and it didnt work.
2. second problem or rather a question. I opened the ecoinvent 3.6 file which had in it a) consequential LCI Processes, b)unit processes,cut off LCI and unit Processes. I downloaded all these files but there were no predefined  processes and flows on either sludge nor food waste.. so my question shouldnt they be there in the ecoinvent 3.6 database or perhaps they are on payed packages?

Im still trying to learn the software myself based on the youtube tutorials and i think there are still some things i dont understand and need guidance pls.