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My question is similar to the 'monte carlo results' question answered a few days ago however I cannot fix the problem from the answer provided.

I am having trouble with my monte carlo simulation graphs and do not know how to resolve this. I have input uncertainty data through the pedigree matrix approach for every process and flow used in my product systems. I run 10,000 iterations for impact 200+ endpoint and my graphs are showing as the following for both product systems I am comparing in my LCA. 

If the update on the 'monte carlo results' question of changing the standard deviation applies to my graphs too, I am unsure how to do this as I thought the simulation calculates the standard deviation?

Also, as the y-axis exceeds 225 points, I cannot plot the graph on excel and I am confused about how to do this.

Any help is much appreciated,

All the best.

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Hi Eloise,
could you send me your database via email and tell me specifically with which product system and under what preferences you face you problem? Thanks!

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Hi Eloise, so apparently this is a known problem which occurs because openLCA runs out of (horizontal) space for plotting the results. You can export the results into Excel and plot them manually. If you have 10,000 iterations, I suppose a 64bit version of Excel is required to open the exported results. I hope this helps.

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Thank you Jonas! I will give this a go and reply with the outcome. All the best