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Disclaimer: I'm new to OpenLCA, and I'm using 1.8.0

I've imported a database, and merged a methods database into it. I've also done a project with two product systems in it. How do I go about sharing my work with a team member?

I've tried exporting to ILCD zip file, and it worked. However, importing it doesn't work, I get an error. Exporting to JSON didn't complete (there was an error).

Is there an easy way to just pack everything together to send to my team members? There also isn't an option to export to zolca.

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Hi Matthew, there are several options.

1) Export database elements e.g. as ILCD/JSOn_LD or other formats. USually, we recommend JSON-LD as this is the standard file format for openLCA. Strange to hear that your JSON-LD export is not working correctly. Did you get an error log that you can add to your question? Maybe you are just exporting to many database element. In that case, the export can take several hours.

2) If you want to export an entire database just right-click on a database and select backup. That will save a *.zolca file

3) The best way to collaborate with team members with openLCA is to use the LCA Collaboration Server. A cloud application to synchronise databases and track changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMQb_D5eU8M and http://www.openlca.org/collaboration-server/

I hope this helps.

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I am having the same issue. I have downloaded the database to a zolca file, sent it to my teammate who has uploaded it but when he tries to open it he gets the below error message:

"Could not get the version from the database. Is this an OpenLCA database?"