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I want to change the provider for some inputs flow from an existing ecoinvent dataset below, because I want to model it based on another country, for example, from RER to CN.

photovoltaic panel production, multi-Si wafer | photovoltaic panel, multi-Si wafer | Cutoff, U

Example, for tempering, flat glass input flow, there are three provider option given:

1)tempering, flat glass | tempering, flat glass | Cutoff, U - RER

2)tempering, flat glass | tempering, flat glass | Cutoff, U - ROW

3)market for tempering, flat glass | tempering, flat glass | Cutoff, U - GLO

I've read about market dataset in ecoinvent website, but in this case, i'm a bit confuse whether to use option 2 or 3 to model photovoltaic panel production in CN. 

I use ecoinvent 3.5 cutoff up regionalised, openLCA 1.8

Thank you.

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Hi! As you will see, the global market for flat glass tempering in ecoinvent is simply 1/3 European and 2/3 rest of world; since China is not Europe, I would use rest of world here if you do not have the chance to model the process yourself.
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Of course you need to decide this flow by flow, but for the case we discussed it is good to add transport, in t*km, with the distance from China.