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I accidentally unpinned the navigation bar from the left side of the openLCA window. I only can see one window at once, now. Since it is advantageous to see the navigation bar all the time, I would be great if somebody knows how to re-pin it. Thanks a lot

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oh - if you have minimised the window

you can enlarge it with a click on the icon (here for navigation)

Then restore to repin the window:

If you have completely closed the window, you can reopen it via window/show views/other:

edit since I cannot add images in a comment:

If you have used the "detach" option, it is possible that the software gets confused with the different window views; to go back to default, delete the "workbench.xmi" file from here:

Then restart openLCA.

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Hi Andreas. Many thanks for your answer. However, it's not exactly what I'm looking for (or what I've lost ;)). What you have in your screenshots are a minimized/closed navigation window and the "working" window with the welcome window on t he right.
I have just one window, with the navigation in a tab, and a welcome in a tab, and all other item opening in the same window as new tabs instead of new tabs in the window where the welcome tab is (hope that wasn't too confuse). Cheers, A
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Ah sorry then - you can simply move the different windows around with your mouse. Click on the grey tab header and move the window, then release it where you want to have it, it shows a preview