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I would like to know for which lifespan is modelled the following unit process. It's not specified in the description. 20, 25, 30 years?

electricity production, photovoltaic, 3kWp slanted-roof installation, multi-Si, panel, mounted | electricity, low voltage | APOS, U

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This is an answer for Ecoinvent, not OpenLCA. Further, I am sure you will in the respective background report
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Bernard is right this is an ecoinvent question but just because I see it - ecoinvent states in the process the number of items of the installation needed for 1 kWh (n items/kWh); you can assume reasonable kWh production per year (e kWh/a), and then you get the life time 1/(e*n).

- I edited your post and changed lifespam to lifespan ;)
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It's 30 years according to "Life Cycle Inventories of Photovoltaics" (Jungbluth et al., 2012). For inverters only 15 years.