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Hello, I am new to OpenLCA and have some (probably foolish) questions.

(i) I would like to know if the process "electricity production, photovoltaic, 3kWp slanted-roof installation", from Ecoinvent involves the manufacturing of the PV panel/inverter? OBS: it says it is from cradle.

(ii) Also, I would like to know if I can use the process "electricity production, photovoltaic, 3kWp slanted-roof installation" linked to "treatment of used Li-ion battery, hydrometallurgical treatment | used Li-ion battery" from Ecoinvent to model the usage of Li-ion batteries from cradle to cradle (I am worried this approach might consider the manufacturing of Li-ion batteries twice since both processes are from cradle).

Thanks for your time :)

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Hi, I will try -

i) if you use the unit process version of ecoinvent, you see this:

so it is a very small process that has as input the installed "system" on the roof, and production etc. is done elsewhere.

ii) the treatment of the Li-ion battery addresses only the end of life treatment of the batteries, not the use. You see also that the products of the various Li-ion treatments are iron scrap and cobalt and used batteries etc.. Rather, make an own process "use battery" (or so), with input of the produced battery, and output of the used battery for waste treatment, and of course input and output of electricity.

Best wishes, good luck,