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Hi everyone,

I want to ask for some opinion about electrical cable production. So I want to model a cable that made of aluminium as the conductor. So for the process, I'm going to use wire drawing dataset. But ecoinvent only provide dataset for  1)wire drawing, copper and 2) wire drawing, steel. What is the best option to model this aluminium cable in this case. Should I use one of these provided processes, or only account the aluminium material?
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I would take one of the existing wire drawing processes and copy it and adapt the copy (e.g. https://www.wireweb.de/wire-reports/how-to-draw-aluminium-wire_28514_de/). Obviously the input material is different but also the temperature asf.
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Thanks for your input, Dr Andreas. I was thinking the same thing. but, I'm a little concerned that the values for input flows (heat, electricity, lubricant, ect) will be very different.