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I am not able to import JSON-LD file in the Database. Please tell me the process to import.
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What do you do? With an open database, select file/import/JSON-LD, then select the JSON-LD file as zip archive, then click finish or next if you want to set overwrite options, and then finish?
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Thank You for the help
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Hi openLCA team, I am having a similar issue. I have a product system that was exported in the JSON-LD format. I am trying to import it, and when I get to the file selection window, the zipped JSON-LD file is greyed out, and I cannot select it. I am using this in a class and have students who are having the same issue. We are using openLCA 1.10.2 on Macs. Any idea what could be going on?

Similarly, is there a format that you all have found works best for importing/exporting product systems to/from openLCA?
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Hi! As response to the first part of your question, this should work: Repeat the steps as you already did but when you get to the file selection window just choose the folder in which the zip file is located and click 'open'. You will then see the zip file in the import window of openLCA. Click on it and choose 'Finish'. For the second part of your question i also would suggest JSON-LD. Hope this helps.
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Hi Jonas! Thanks for your quick response. That fixed the issue.

It may be helpful to add that specific language on the JSON-LD import  to the next version of the openLCA manual - it wasn't apparent to me when I read it.
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Hello - I've tried finding the zip file folder (as opposed to just the regular folder), but the zipped file also fails to show up in the window. Is there an alternative method I can use?
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Hi, thank you Jason for this help, it has been answering to the 1st part of my pb as well.
However, after having selected the zip file and clickd on FInish, OLCA is been loading during hours and nothing shows up... Do you have another way to import a project in a dbb without being to heavy?
Thank you in advance for answers