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hi, i'm working on a LCA project and i was wondering to modify processes on excel (more user friendly and faster) and then importing them in openLCA. So, first, i exported in excel format a new blank process to have a model to work with, and then after filling it with some flow, just for try, i imported it back to openLCA, but here comes the problem. Basically the importing process never end, remaining stuck on the process window you can see in the image below.

Does anyone has the same problem? There is a solution? Maybe i need to call the excel file with different name or change the UUID code? 

thanks in advance for the help

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Hi Luigi,

i have the same problems and the discussion is ongoing here now: https://ask.openlca.org/3997/why-importing-processes-from-excel-does-not-work?show=3999#a3999

Do you found a solution yet?

Thanks and best

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Hi Luigi,

i still dont know the actual cause of the problem but i figured out a go around:

  1. Open the database from which you want to export
  2. Export one or more processes as a JSON-LD
  3. Create a new and empty database
  4. Import the JSON-LD
  5. Export the processes as an Excel
  6. Now you can make changes in the Excel tables; if you like rename it within the Excel and change the UUID (changing one character is sufficient); save
  7. Import the Excel in any database
This works fine for me
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At least in my case the more or less convenient way to import and export as well as editing also bigger datasets, is to export them as ILCD zip files and then editing them by using a good xml editor (e.g. Atom https://atom.io/). It takes a while to figure out the structure of ILCD files but after a while it is very efficient working and at least until now it does not produce any issues.