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Is it possible to integrate vba (excel) results into an openlca calculation?

so a little bit more exactly: we run an vba code to get an maximal strenght in an technological system. This strenght varies by the input variables. This strenght determines the used energy input in a lca-system. Is it possible to run the calculation from openlca?


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Integrate them where exactly? In the Inputs/Outputs list of a process? As CFs in a method? As allocation factors in the allocation tab? As local or global parameters? ... Your question is a bit unspecific. Of course you can use Excel data in openLCA. Maybe you are interested in the copy and paste functionality between openLCA and Excel? https://twitter.com/openLCA/status/1054628819347238913

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openLCA provides an implementation of an JSON-RPC based protocol for inter-process communication (IPC). With this, it is possible to call functions in openLCA and processing their results outside of openLCA. Maybe that is interesting for you. https://github.com/GreenDelta/olca-ipc.py