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I would like to get the data from "Impact analysis" sheet to Excel. If I select Export to Excel from the "General information" sheet, it is not included. 

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Yes that's true, it is not included, that is because for one, the impact analysis was added later, but more importantly and second, it is more for playing with the process data, since you can also easily change the LCIA method, it is not really meant to be "core data" of the process.
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You can get the same data by creating a product system with only the process and running the analysis. Painful if you have to do a bunch of processes but better than nothing?
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Try this SQL script. You can copy and paste the output into Excel.

Select tbl_impact_categories.name as category_name, tbl_impact_methods.name as method_name, tbl_impact_factors.*, tbl_flows.name as flow_name, tbl_categories.name as sub_cat_name, tbl_categories.name as cat_name
from tbl_impact_categories
inner join tbl_impact_factors on tbl_impact_categories.id = tbl_impact_factors.f_impact_category
inner join tbl_impact_methods on tbl_impact_categories.f_impact_method = tbl_impact_methods.id
inner join tbl_flows on tbl_impact_factors.f_flow = tbl_flows.id
inner join tbl_categories on tbl_flows.f_category = tbl_categories.id or tbl_categories.f_category = tbl_categories.id;
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oh, you're right. misunderstood the question.