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We are modelling a water treatment plant, where are used several different chemical products.

We are having some problems defining the right value to represent the consumption of some products, like the polyaluminium chloride, that is used in a solution at 10% in our case but the ecoinvent record is not clear whether the product is pure or is already a solution in some percentage.

We use this voice: polyaluminium chloride production | polyaluminium chloride | Cutoff, S, we are not using the "market" voice because we know the exact trip done to deliver the product.

Can someone help me understand? Thank you
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You should check the unit process, then this becomes more clear, or also, as the documentation that comes with the dataset in openLCA shows, the ecoinvent background report. From the system process ("S"), the specific modeling is of course not visible any more.

It is a good decision not to use the market process (as you say / do), in case you know the transport for your case.
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You can also look in the ecoinvent documentation or check the ecoinvent unit process online. There you will find additional information that clarifies whether the output flow includes the water or is the active ingredient only.