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the question and challenge is how to calculate the working hours for each process for a complete product system. So i would like to have something like the working hours necessary for the product system per functional unit in total, as well as for each process with and without upstream flows. Is there any chance or idea?

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I figured out an easy solution:
You just have to take one or more impact categories from the Social Impact Weighting Method and set all impact factors to 1. Then run this LCIA method for a process as direct calculation. The impact result in the impact analysis tab are shows the accumulated working hours for this process and all upstream flows. This allows to calculate working hours for complex market processes with a number of upstream flows.
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You can do this via the inventory results, the scaling factors for each process, multiplied with the worker hours of each process (this applies for the PSILCA database I assume). Hth
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Maybe it would be possible to write a script which automatically creates a flow "working hours" for every process of the database with the according working hours value, which can then be processed with a simple LCIA method?