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Hello to all the nice people in this forum,

I think the title grasps my problem pretty good. I do a lot of Reporting of projects. If i want to add another flow to my product system, i need to delete it and insert it a 2nd time - otherwise the new flow is not recognised in my report.


Because afterwards, i need to delete all of my product systems in my project and insert them again, in order to have the correct order of those.

Many thanks.smiley

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Hi, I am not fully certain what you are doing but you do not need to delete and re-add a flow to a product system. If you provide more details (an example, which version, which database) - that would help.

Thank you!

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Hello Andreas,
thanks for your answer.

I use the current version 1.10.3 - the database is not important, because the problem is fundemental and concerns the handling and working with OpenLCA.
After reading your comment, i realise that i have actually have two problems.

How can i change the order of the "Variants", that are visualised in the report of a "Project"?

If i add a new Variant X it is shown as the last Variant in my Project Report. If i want it to be the first Variant, i have to delete all previous Variants and insert them afterwards. This is the only way that i know how to move a new Variant (x) to the left hand side of the "results of the LCIA" table, to the top of the listed Variants, respectively.

It would help if i could send you a picture, but i don't see the corresponding button.

In my Simulation i created
1. Flow
2. Process
3. Product System
4. Project and then calculated the outcome with the Value Y.

Afterwards i added a new Flow Z to the Process X.
I checked through a direct calculation in the "general Information tab" in the Process X, that the new Flow did change the outcome.

BUT, when i calculated the outcome of my Project (4.), it did not change through adding the Flow Z.
I received anoutcome with the Value Y again.

Therefore i need to create new Product Systems and new Projects to receive the correct outcome.

I think i have to update the model graph of my Product System, in order to "Update" my Project and to receive the correct outcome.

I hope you can understand my explanation.
Many thanks.
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Hi, thank you - I think I understand now; 1: yes that is for now not terribly elegant, you indeed need to remove everything if you want to have a different order. 2.: with simulation you mean LCA model? 2.2. is process x? You have to update the product system to get the changed results, in the project.