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I have just downloaded the openLCA 1.10.3 zip-archive, unzipped it and opened the openLCA.exe, and this is what I got.

What does this error mean? The software seems to be running normally, is there something I can do to correct this?


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Hi, I am not sure I can decipher the screenshot correctly, does it say "failed to load Julia libraries" - this means that you didn't successfully install the fast numerical libraries (which is recommended to do) - probably you see an orange bar on the welcome screen in openLCA, with text: you can make openLCA faster - click the link there to download and install the libraries.

Hth, Andreas

edit, after seeing your other question: you should have write access to the folder where openLCA.exe is, if you do not have this, then you can download the openLCA zip archive into your personal user directory and extract and run it there, and download and install the numerical libraries there as well