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Hi all, Lets say my product system (OSM Part) has two processes involved.

1. Milling (input : Aluminum sheet and electricity; output: Milled part)

2. Bending (input: Milled part and electricity; output: Finished part)

While creating the product system, I ticked the Auto-link processes option and selected unit processes since my boundary is cradle to gate. I kept the values as 1 unit for this trail calculation, but the impact result I got doesn't make sense at all (i mean the impact results are huge). I am attaching some screen shots of the processes and results. It would be really helpful if someone can point out what I might have done wrong.

I am using USLCI database and TRACI 2.1

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this is related to the old USLCI database that we have on Nexus - we are working on an update (basically providing the pdated data from LCACommons) - thank you for your patience.

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