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Hello ask.openLca Team,

I have a complete ecoinvent database modified with python module premise (https://github.com/romainsacchi/premise) for different future scenarios. Because we also use Umberto as LCA software we need this database converted back to Ecospold2 files. 

Premise or Brightway has only the options to export the database as brightway2package or as Simapro.csv.  

Is there a way to convert these to Ecospold02 files?

I have already tried to convert the Simapro.csv with the OpenLca format converter but the generated Ecospold files are missing some information. And in OpenLca you do not support the export to Ecospold02 anymore. So is it no longer possible because there are always errors?

Best regards 


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Hi Alex

I encountered the same challenge as you, because i wanted to import the premise-transformed database to openlca.

to my understanding, it seems that ecoinvent uses some special "protocol" to generate their ecospold2 files, which they keep as a business secret. I have been unable to find any kind of workarounds. My solution is simply to use activity browser as LCA software. This of course implies learning a new software, as well as some migration challenges for old product systems and datasets from other softwares. Nonetheless, i believe activity-browser is superior to openlca as well as simapro (the lca software i know).

Hope my comment helps you. By the way, if you find other solutions to the database export, please get in touch with me :-)


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so  how to export database from openLCA to brightway2