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Hello, everyone!

First of all, greetings. This is my first question over here, and everything that I've learned so far was all by myself, so I might have some lack of knowledge of the basics.

I'd like to ask how can I create recycling processes using the ones in the ecoinvent Cut-Off Unit database. The main reason here is to analyse different outcomes for the disposal of a Reverse Osmosis Membrane. For the waste generation and treatment I used the flow "Waste Plastic, Mixture", using the disposal at a sanitary landfill as my provider, which is what I am aiming at. However, this the only EoL option that I could find my way trough, I'm currently stuck at what to do in this two cases:

1- Recycling
2- Clinker Production using the Plastic Waste (should I use it as ash or as heat?)

Thank you very much
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Hi and welcome - in the cut-off model, the recyclate supply chains are cut-off, i.e. any recyclates seem to "fall from the sky" - in the APOS model, you should be able to find waste plastic supply chains (didn't check now though).
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Well, thank you very much!