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as said i started modelling flows, processes, project systems etc. with ecoinvent 3.5 and i'd like to update my work to the current ecoinvent 3.7 version. Is the a way to port my work from my existing database with ecoinvent 3.5 to a new database with ecoinvent 3.7? Simple copy&paste or drag&drop didn't work for me. Or do i have to remodel all the created elements in the new 3.7 database?

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Hi, good question; in principle the UUIDs for the processes are the same in different versions, but the migration requires some more details to work perfectly. We plan to prepare a script for the version 3.8 to help migrating from 3.7/3.7.1.

For now, you can export only your foreground system as JSON-LD, and then import this into 3.7, select overwrite as option, and then check your model.

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Thanks for the answer. So in theory it should work but no guaranty for success?

I tried following your instruction but i didn't succeed. Did i miss something or was this a case of "some more details" not working perfectly.  
I did right klick and export on my database, selected JSON-LD export wizard and marked the folders with my created flows, processes and product systems. Exporting was no problem but the import was. I cancelled the import process after it ran for several hours with no progress and no foreseeable end.

Could you please add more detail to your instructions?