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Dear openLCA community,

unfortunately I cannot import the ecoinvent_38_cutoff_lci_system_3011_with_methods into OpenLCA 1.10.3. (Sidenote: importing the ecoinvent_38_cutoff_3011_with_methods works.)

First of all I got the error message "Failed to load Julia libs". By downloading the library files from github (link was in error message in OpenLCA) once more, this error message is now gone, but we now see a different error message:

58964Worker-0: Import databaseERRORorg.openlca.app.AppFailed to run Import database

We have already effortlessly tried the following:
- Enough storage space: yes
- write / admin permission on folder: yes
- OpenLCA info message "you can make openLCA faster": we followed it, downloaded successfully -> message is gone now.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Regards, Katharina

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Hi Katharina,

the load Julia libs is linked to the you can make openLCA faster message (you need to download & install these libraries by clicking on the orange banner, this makes openLCA much faster in calculation). It is not linked to the import at all though.

Probably you did not allocate suffiicent memory for the import as the lci database is quite heave  (in preferences - there should then be a message about insuficient memory in the log file as well). Also, it is better to restore the lci database and import a unit process database into it afterwards.