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I asked this question last year but it may have got lost.

I compared the 3 following product systems shown in the link (A, B, and C) and was expecting to obtain the same LCIA results, however I get three different results. Could you explain me why?

I thought that at least B and C would yield the same results, however it seems that in B despite the wheat amounting to zero, there is still an impact associated with it.https://ask.openlca.org/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=13707166291103531186

Many thanks in advance for your help



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Hi Sophie,

in A, the third wheat is 0 or just shown as 0.0000? The providers are the same (since I see only the first part of the name in your screenshot)? Maybe, if you could post screenshots from the results, that would be useful.

Thank you!