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I´m trying to assess the species lost per year using the Recipe EndPoint 2016 method and Exiobase database. The problem is the following, when I give the impacts of a process and select the method (in this case Recipe), I dont understand why there are many flows that always give 0, in this case the most striking is "land use". where there are process flows that do have an impact on the occupation or transpormation of land. Thank you very much.
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the flow names in exiobase do not appear in ReCiPe. There are a relatively small number of defined flows in exiobase compared to ReCiPe. We worked around this by mapping the exiobase flows onto approximations of ReCiPe flows using the flow mapping utility in OLCA. It is a manual process, unless you are able to use the SQL tool to construct the mapping (I could not :( )