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I have tried downloading openLCA on my Mac for hours now. I've read the open forums, have tried terminal coding, restarted my computer several times, downloaded on Safari and Chrome (neither worked), used my administrator username and password - nothing works. What do you do if no options work? We can't use the free software then?
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We can't use the free software then?

Maybe not a serious question, using openLCA on a Mac works, but Apple as usual tries to think for users and preempts what is assumed to work best for users, enriching it with own agendas probably - download openLCA not via Safari as it tries to optimise the zip archive while downloading, and run despite openLCA does not come from the Apple store and thus a warning appears.

Restarting the computer does not help, if you want you can post more details about your system (e.g., if you know the specific operation system, the type of processor). Thank you.